We offer a complete line of Web design services:

& Goals
Why do you want a Web site?
  • Establish a Web presence?
  • Provide product or service information?
  • Sell products or services online?
  • Improve customer service or reduce customer-service costs?
  • Survey customers to create new business?
  • Create a community of interest around your company?

We'll help you define your target market, imagine the possibilities and plan a project and timeline that fits the resources can you afford.

Design What do you want visitors to your Web site to experience? What do you want them to do? Do you have a metaphor for your Web?
We want your Web site to realize your business goals. We'll work with you in designing the look and feel of your site and build a prototype showing:
  • the pages to be included
  • the navigational flow showing all the links and their link targets
  • the placement of text and graphic or multimedia elements such as animation, voice or music
  • program elements such as databases and visitor interaction
Graphics Would you like to enhance your Web site with colorful icons, buttons, backgrounds, logos and animations? We draw on illustration artists and state-of-the-art software. And we know how to optimize graphics for the internet.
Programming Do you want to build a visitor profile and mailing list, or sell products or services online? We can give your Web site database functionality that permits visitors to submit orders or information you can track from your computer.

Would you like visitors to be able to interact with your Web site in unique ways? We draw on our expert programmers using state-of-the-art software to provide the functions you want.

& Editing
We can use the content you provide or write new copy needed to complete your Web site. We can also generate new material to keep your site fresh and visitors coming back.
& Posting
Do you want your Web site to shine for the vast majority of Web visitors, and still take advantage of enhanced Web technology? We thoroughly test for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator on both Windows and Macintosh platforms on 15" or larger monitors to assure your site works as expected.

We can enhance your users' experience of your Web site with extended market testing using Focus group processes.

Site Hosting Do you have a Web account with an Internet Service Provider? We can help you select the right provider and account for your Web site goals. We can prepare you to post the site yourself, or we can do it for you.
Promotion If you build it will they come? We can list your Web site with a variety of free directories, catalog services and search engines. We can also subscribe your site to fee-based Web promotion and advertising services.
Do you want to gauge activity on your Web site to assess what is best achieving your goals and what needs to be revised? We provide a range of solutions from simple hit counters to sophisticated software programs to track your visitors.
Maintenance Is it important to keep your site fresh? Will ongoing changes be required? What resources can you commit to maintaining your site? We can help you sort out these questions and prepare you to maintain your own site, assist you in specific ways or maintain your site for you.
Prices We know our reputation depends on helping you realize your business goals at a price you can afford. Yet each project is unique and it is often difficult to predict what a Website will cost. We'll ask you for a budget and work to stay in that budget. As work proceeds we will keep you informed and offer choices about features and costs. Our goal is help you understand and stay in control of project costs.