Web Site Options

 PARAGRAPH AND LINK  Option one offers an efficient and cost effective web presence. A universal contact point is established and a communication port via E-mail can be utilized. Correct placement of the paragraph and link on key web yellow page offerings generates substantial advertisment returns.



1 PAGE SITE    Option two offers the next level of web presence while adding the oportunity for a brief visual/audio presentation of the virtual office or storefront. The universal contact point, E-mail communication port, and well as the intro level personal imagery can effectively capture the attention of and communicate with your viewers. Exceptional search engine placement as well as publication of your web presence makes this an excellent starting point.



2-4 PAGE SITE     Option three opens up the ability to present your office or storefront in a more indepth manner. Visuals, text, and service or product information can be served in a fashion that enhances and engages the viewer to make contact with and benefit from your enterprise. All of the above advantages of the web presence options can be expanded upon and utilized in a more complete presentation.


FULL WEBSITE   The full website option allows the virtual office and storefront to become a vital and productive component in the publication, growth, and development of your enterprise. Designed to capitalize on the ability of the web to effectively engage and communicate with your viewer both product and service can be transacted with an awareness and knowledge that provides a repeatedly secure and friendly ditial environment for your client.



10 OR MORE PAGES (DELUXE)  This option allows the full website to expand to the level of use that it needs to be fully effective for the virtual office and storefront. The professional commercial site plan offers everything needed to take complete advantage of the universal communication opportunities the web has to offer. The store, the products, the services, the people, this option provides for the entire enterprise to to be utilized on a global basis.




BANNER ADS    Generated and used as a complement to an advertising buget these ditial images placed appropriatley provide excellent exposure.